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smooth as ice


smooth as ice



Headcanon: Mako walks by the park everyday to take a look at Korra’s statue even though it’s on a route that’s out of his way because it’s the only way he can see her daily.


All Books of Avatar  

7 books and 113 episodes

It’s sad to know that there won’t be no more books after book 4 



ksalksaklskals lol XD 

it took me 5 minutes of trying to understand what that means… and 1 minute of giving up and using google translate.

My Spanish still sucks.

Thoughts about Korra Book 4 based on the trailer and whatever else we’ve gotten so far:

My body is not ready for this.

I thought Book 4 would be Fire Nation-themed because Book 1 was Air Temple Island-themed, Book 2 was Southern Water Tribe-themed, and Book 3 was Earth Kingdom-themed.

I believed that there will be a huge time skip at the end of Book 4. Turns out there was a 3-year time skip at the beginning of Book 4! I hope there will be an epilogue with a huge time skip, though. 

Yay! Toph!

I don’t like Prince Wu. At all. I feel Asami. Wu’s annoying. (I might change my impression about him as Book 4 continues.)

How old is Wu? Maybe he hasn’t “come of age” yet as he is not crowned king… yet. A “future” king, not new king. Is he Earth Queen Huo-Ting’s son or her closest relative Earth Kingdom can find? How old was he when Zaheer killed the Earth Queen?

I hope Tahno makes a cameo somewhere in Book 4.

This is the first time in the Avatar franchise that an earthbender is the main antagonist. And a metalbender at that.

The thing with Book 4 is the main antagonist was once Korra’s ally in Book 3.

Would Bolin defect from the Metalbending Army or stay there as a mole?

More Senna scenes, please! The Avatar’s mother needs some more screen time! 

I still believe in Makorra endgame.

What does Kuvira want with Korra? Get her out of the way? Kill her?

Wait… She might send some of her minions to capture (and kill) Wu. And take over Ba Sing Se. And be its de facto leader/queen.

What if Korra loses someone close to her heart?

Or.. what if Kuvira successfully kills Korra? (After all, this is the final season.)



She started to talk to him about his interests and her kidnapper began to view her as a person he could trust. Eventually, he declared that he was in love with her. After 10 days of captivity, he allowed Elizabeth to borrow his cell phone to play games on it. Naturally, when he left, she used it to call her mother.

Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts

This is actually a smart thing to do. If you are ever kidnapped, you should try to humanize yourself & get close to your captors. Do not challenge them, rather try to show them that you are worthy of their respect. If you speak the same language, try to talk with them and exchange information. Learn about them and let them learn about you. Try to relate to them.  Family could be a safe topic depending on the situation. If they see you as a person, your quality of life as a captive and your probability of survival go way up. This creates the reverse-Stockholm Syndrome on them in which they can express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings towards you. Now you might have the opportunity to escape like the girl above did!


This sign is in my doctors office above the scale and I really love it. It actually made me feel a lot better after reading it


I repainted my old picture from 7 months ago, AND DAMN DID MY PAINTING STYLE CHANGE. I’m actually pretty happy that even in 7 months, and with not that much practice, I am still improving, little by little.

(I might have made this picture way too purple/blue, I can’t tell on my laptop screen.)

Also, I spent way too much time repainting this…

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